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Theme Week: UnTried Polish

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Last week’s manicure theme (on MakeUpAlley) was untried nailpolish.  I had a new manicure every day and altogether I was able to wear 15 polishes that I had never worn before.  Success!  I’ll be writing a post for each day.  There were a few guidelines for an advanced challenge, listed below.

Day 1: red AND/OR creme AND/OR OPI

Day 2: yellow, shimmer, Essie

Day 3: orange, glass-fleck, Revlon

Day 4: green, glitter, drugstore brand of your choice OR Harry Potter mani

Day 5: blue, flakie, mini-bottle OR Harry Potter mani

Day 6: purple, holo, China Glaze

Day 7: black, holo glitter, polish brand found easily in your country

I really liked this challenge, it was awesome inspiration for choosing what to wear!


Author: tluf

I'm a woman in her mid-twenties having fun with her nails!

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