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Theme Week: UnTried Polish – Red Creme

For the first day of this theme week I did a red creme, Hey Sailor by China Glaze with Ruby Pumps (also China Glaze) as an accent nail.


Outdoors in the morning
Hey Sailor is nice and creamy looking, little bit more orange leaning than Ruby Pumps. Application was awesome.  I loved it as soon as it was on! Definitely now high on my list of reds.


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Theme Week: UnTried Polish

Last week’s manicure theme (on MakeUpAlley) was untried nailpolish.  I had a new manicure every day and altogether I was able to wear 15 polishes that I had never worn before.  Success!  I’ll be writing a post for each day.  There were a few guidelines for an advanced challenge, listed below.

Day 1: red AND/OR creme AND/OR OPI

Day 2: yellow, shimmer, Essie

Day 3: orange, glass-fleck, Revlon

Day 4: green, glitter, drugstore brand of your choice OR Harry Potter mani

Day 5: blue, flakie, mini-bottle OR Harry Potter mani

Day 6: purple, holo, China Glaze

Day 7: black, holo glitter, polish brand found easily in your country

I really liked this challenge, it was awesome inspiration for choosing what to wear!

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NOTD: First Milani Manicure

The first Milani polish that I used, from the 3D collection, was the green, Hi-Res. I really like it and this mani was also my first attempt at Konad, with a few cute butterflies done in Bijou Blue, a navy shimmer Wet ‘n’ Wild Wild Shine polish.


I learned that I should wait a teensy bit longer before putting on my topcoat (Seche Vite), I had a bit of bleeding from the Konad.  And that I love holos.